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Space mining? Yes! Laser-induced Plasma Spectroscopy Analyzer


2022-08-04 15:04:43

Recommendation of new technic! Space mining? Yes

Intelligent gangue selection technology (dry selection) device and process in underground coal mine


2022-08-04 15:46:59

Based on the sensor technology and X-ray transmission technology, the XRT ore sorter provides a brand-new solution to remove the waste and coal gangue of raw ores.

Pay Attention To Centrifugal Liquid Which Leads To Problems To Your Centrifuge


2022-08-04 16:40:52

Centrifuge is a common equipment in coal preparation plant, but from the point of view of design and production, people seem to pay little attention to centrifugal liquid, which leads to problems such as rough flotation, and blocking gutters.