HUK-10 Underground Articulated Dump Truck

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HUK-10 Underground Articulated Dump Truck

Main Technical Characteristics:

1.The power system is powered by a Cummins 4BTAA4.5-C150 water-cooled turbocharged  engine, and the exhaust system is equipped with an imported oxidation catalytic exhaust  purifier.

2.The powertrain USES an American DANA torque converter and a power shift gearbox,  power shift gearbox and Xuzhou wet multiple brake drive axle,mine tread resistant tyre.

3.The brake system adopts POSI-STOP wet multiple brake, spring brake, hydraulic release,  Italian SafIM brake.

4.The frame is a central hinged structure, and the front axle swings around the center of the frame to improve the adhesion of the whole machine.

5.The steering system is a hydraulic power steering system with bilateral steering cylinders.

6.Rear-dump truck bucket, easy to dump ore and material.

Technical Parameters: