AI-embedded Dense Media Feeding System

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AI-embedded Dense Media Feeding System

Usually, coal washing plants typically rely on manual Media Feeding methods, which result in low work efficiency, insufficient precision in material Feeding, high labor intensity, operational risks, and difficulties in remote control. The existing Media Feeding methods cannot meet the requirements for automation and intelligent production. Additionally, data statistics pose challenges, making precise data calculation difficult.

System Introduction:

The Intelligent Dense Media Feeding System utilizes key instruments such as 3D level laser radar, 3D measurement software, and an intelligent dense Media Feeding system, complemented by a self-developed software platform. This system aims to effectively optimize the dense Media Feeding process, precisely monitor crucial data and outcomes. It achieves functions such as 3D automatic detection and measurement of Media powder materials, automatic material retrieval and measurement, automatic dense Media Feeding ratio control, and automatic dense Media transport. The goal is to achieve intelligent dense Media Feeding.



The Intelligent Dense Media Feeding System has a total of three modes:

1. Manual Mode:

  • Control Room Configuration Software: Users can input the Media quantity or frequency through the software to perform tasks such as crane positioning, material retrieval, unloading, and tracking the weight of the media powder.

  • Valve Control: The configuration interface allows users to switch valves and display the status of water supply and air blower valves.

  • On-Site Control: Remote control for cranes and pump control buttons are retained for on-site operations.


2. Cyclic Automatic Mode:

  • Process Breakdown: This mode divides the entire process into three steps, namely, Media preparation, aeration, and Media transport, with parameters set on the main control touch screen.

  • One-Click Operation: Users can simply click a button to automatically complete the entire process without manual intervention.Fully Automatic Mode:


3. One-Click Media Feeding:

  • In this mode, users can set buttons on the operating interface to automatically execute the Media preparation, aeration, and Media transport processes based on predefined density parameters.

  •  Intelligent Assessment: The system incorporates intelligent judgment; if Media Feeding is unnecessary, it will skip the automatic Media Feeding process.


These three modes provide diverse operational options for the intelligent dense Media Feeding system to meet various work requirements and operational scenarios.