HOT Mining wins complete AI embedded supply contract of coal preparation in South Gobi,Mongolia

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HOT Mining wins complete AI embedded supply contract of coal preparation in South Gobi,Mongolia

As soon as the Lantern Festival ended, HOT signed a contract with Mongolian KML for the supply of complete sets of equipment,as well as  the intelligent upgrade of equipment, for the construction of a processing plant in the South Gobi.The total contract value is more than 30 million yuan.

Schematic diagram of the plant process.png

Schematic diagram of the plant process)



Such a beautiful project scene, I don't allow anyone who hasn't seen it~Ancient mosasaur fossils, accompany  with modern factories

Magically coexisting in this land

Intertwined into a touch of bright color on the magnificent South Gobi

beautiful project scene1.png

beautiful project scene2.png

beautiful project scene3.png

The new life of traditional preparation plants: intelligence


Industrial development has gone through four stages, such as mechanization, electrification, automation and informatization. Accompany with the development and progress of technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, we have already entered the era of intelligent development in Mining business.


The intelligence of the preparation plant makes full use of highly automated control technology, and transforms the traditional washing process to form a complete washing process with function of  intelligent perception,  control, and management, as well as the intelligent decision-making, so as to realize a change to traditional washing and sorting process. The new generation of preparation plants will comprehensively improve the productivity and economic benefits of mining enterprises.

Intelligent processing plant - production process.png

10G Industrial Ethernet Ring.png

10G Industrial Ethernet Ring2.png