HUK-30 Underground Articulated Dump Truck

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HUK-30 Underground Articulated Dump Truck

Main Technical Characteristics:

1.A VOLVO TAD 1352VE engine is used in the power system, and an catalytic oxidation  exhaust purifier is installed in the exhaust system.

2.The powertrain adopts DANA torque converter and power shift gearbox, DANA wet  multiple brake drive shaft and mine tread tire.

3.The brake system adopts POSI-STOP wet multiple brake, spring brake, hydraulic release,  MICO brake.

4.The frame is a central hinged structure, and the front axle swings around the center of the frame to improve the adhesion of the whole machine.

5.The steering system is a hydraulic power steering system with bilateral steering cylinders.

6.Rear-dump truck bucket, easy to dump ore and material.

Technical Parameters: