Radio Remote Control System(Customized)

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Radio Remote Control System(Customized)

The complete set of intelligent control system independently developed by HOT has a wide range of applications in the fields of municipal sanitation, emergency and disaster relief, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery and military special vehicles.

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HOT not only focuses on the remote intelligent remote control of mining machinery. Hot's wireless remote control technology can be applied to many fields based on the technical reserves of the technical team. At present, it can provide various special industrial wireless remote control systems, controllers and displays, etc., and can develop and provide a complete set of intelligent control systems according to customer needs. Customers provide one-stop intelligent control solutions.

In the field of fire fighting, our remote control system can make the fire truck run intelligently and improve the safety of rescue workers.


The Radio remote control consists of 5 parts: Remote control transmitter, Vehicle receiver, Hydraulic unit, Electric unit and Video Display.



Remote Control Transmitter


ALF40 Transmitter(Explosion-Proof & Intrinsically Safe)

Working voltage:       DC 12.8V 

Signal Transmission Rate: 1Mbps 

Wireless Range: 0~100 meters

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery 

Ports: 12 AI, 32 DI, CAN bus, RS485, etc.

Video Display: 7 or 9 inch HD Screen

Optional: Industrial Grade 3.2 inch OLED on panel, displaying equipment status and maintenance guidance.





ALIT50 Transmitter (Explosion-Proof & Intrinsically Safe)

Working voltage: DC 7.4-8.4V;   

Wireless Range: >100m (in open area);

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery;  

Video Display: 4.3 inches, visible in the sun; 

Frequency range: 400-470MHz, optional 2.4G; Receiving sensitivity: - 115dBm

Optional:  large-size LCD display, visible in the sun, and pictures of feedback content can be customized


Vehicle Receiver


ALS40 Receiver (Explosion-Proof & Intrinsically Safe)

Working Voltage: DC 24V 

Signal Transmission Rate: 1Mbps 

Wireless Range: 0~100m

Ports: 32-way digital/PWM output, 5-way DI,  8-way AI, CAN bus, RS485

Output Capacity: Single-way maximum 24V/1.5A  Support Custom-built Functions



ALIR50 Receiver (Explosion-Proof & Intrinsically Safe)

Working Voltage: DC 9-32V; 

Protection level: IP65 or IP67; 

Temperature: - 40—+ 85 °

Ports: 16-way PWM output, 4-way PI, 7-way DI,  7-way AI, CAN bus, RS485, wireless, RS232

Support Custom-built Functions



Hydraulic Unit

Including: Proportional Solenoid Valve, Switching  Solenoid Valve, Hose Connector, Hose and tee  accessories.

Connected with remote control receiver to  achieve equipment actions, such as

Forward/Backward, Steer Left/Right, Boom  up/down, Ore loading/unloading, Throttle control,  Brake control , etc.


Electric Unit

Connected with Remote Control Receiver to control the equipment power sypply, such as power ON/OFF, front and rear lights, engine  starting, engine hold, etc.

With switch of manual/remote control two  working modes, so as to control the  equipment to work manually or remotely.



Video Display

1/3 inch HD Color CMOS, 2 million pixels

Camera Lens&Angle: 2.8mm, F1.2 & 130 ° wide angle  Working Voltage: DC8~32V

Infrared Distance: 10m

Infrared Life: 100 Hours

Working Temperature: - 20 ℃ to + 60 ℃

Humidity: 90% MAX  Waterproof: IP69K  Shockproof Level: 10G  Dimension: 106*75 x 70.5 mm  Weight: 500g

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