Contract Mining and Operation Management

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Contract Mining and Operation Management

HOT has a complete industrial chain of mining and selection engineering, and have the ability of EPC delivery from mine engineering design, technical equipment research and development, core equipment manufacturing, equipment complete set and supply, civil construction (outsourcing), equipment installation to production line commissioning and normal and stable operation. We cooperate with large mining construction companies to provide mining project development, construction, mining, production, construction and contracting services.


With rich engineering and operation experience in domestic and foreign coal mines and non-coal underground mines,HOT carries out deep and wide research on the geological structure of the mining area, the occurrence conditions of ore body, the nature of ore and surrounding rock, the hydrogeological conditions of the mining area, the engineering geological conditions, the environmental geological conditions and other actual conditions of the mining area. By selecting scientific and applicable mining methods for the owners, we can improve the output, recovery rate, mining efficiency of the project, reduce the production cost and loss rate, so as to improve the overall efficiency of the project.


Project management is always throughout the whole process of project planning, feasibility study, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, efficiency testing and completion acceptance. According to the national QHSE management system of the company and the internal project management procedures of the company, we effectively control the quality, progress and cost of the construction project, and undertake the technical and economic responsibilities of the project construction, so as to ensure the comprehensive, high-quality, punctual and low-cost completion of the project construction, and optimize the economic and social benefits of the construction project.


In addition, HOT will optimize the production plan according to the current market situation. When commodity prices and costs change, our experts propose corresponding mine operation strategies to meet the demand, such as reducing operating costs or capital costs when mineral prices fall, and increasing production capacity when mineral prices rise. Through the formulation of practical mine design and production scheduling plan, the mine resources can be fully utilized.

With the help of professional software such as 3DMine, the mining design, planning and operation of all underground mines will be completed efficiently and accurately.