Intelligent Mineral Ore Sort & Elemental Analysis

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X-Ray Transmission (XRT) Sensor-based Intelligent Coal and Mineral Ore Sorter


2023-03-27 14:50:48

Based on the sensor technology and X-ray transmission technology, the XRT Intelligent Mineral Ore Sorter provides a brand-new solution for mineral ores sorting to remove the waste and coal gangue.

Laser-induced Breakdown(LIBS) Spectroscopy Online Elemental Analyzer


2023-05-18 10:27:46

It is an elemental analysis technology developed based on the basic principle that the wavelength of atomic spectrum and ion spectrum has a one-to-one correspondence relationship with specific elements.

X-Ray Coal Ash Moisture Analyzer


2023-03-16 11:20:15

It uses X-ray penetration technology to quickly scan the coal sample on the belt, and uses artificial intelligence algorithm to calculate the ash content & moisture content of coal in real time, so as to achieve the purpose of online real-time monitoring of ash &moisture.

Brief Introduction of Spodumene Beneficiation with XRT Sorting


2023-03-16 10:30:49

The XRT sorting is based on advanced sensor, advanced AI algorithm, machine learning and utilizes X-ray to identify different mineral composition.

X-Ray Transmission (XRT) Intelligent Coal and Mineral Ore Sorter


2023-03-17 14:03:35

X-ray transmission, the XRT, and Sensor-based technology are transforming the way for kinds of mineral sorting, e.g. copper, gold, zinc, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, phosphorite, lithium, fluorite, and water-free coal preparation.