The IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System Has Been Debugged Successfully

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IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System is developed by Alpha Industrial Technology Pty Ltd,located in Sydney,Australia,the top country in mine industry.


IoT Real-Time Monitoring&Early Warning System is developed by Alpha Industrial Technology Pty Ltd,located in Sydney,Australia,the top country in mine industry. The system is used to intelligently early warn of malfunction of important equipment and system in mine,coal preparation plant or ore dressing plant,based on Wireless real time monitoring system of IoT,PI real-time database and advanced neural network technology.

Relative to conventional warning system based on predefined limit, this system could study and train archived historical data by neural network algorithm, then form a normally working model of equipment or system,and compared it with real time working statue,calculate the difference of real time value and expectation calculated by unit could provide early warning function of malfunction and degradation to attach the purpose of reducing equipment’s malfunction risk and improving equipment’s working reliability.the data of system could be transferred to cloud,and the early warning is more precise using the big data analysis for equipment vibration curve trend which combines data from cloud and expert database.

IoT-Based Monitoring & Early Warning System realize the wireless real time monitoring to the key equipment of mine,ore treatment plant, coal preparation plant.The conventional vibration and temperature are measured by mechanical rotating equipment.internally installed acceleration sensor is adopted to measure vibration signal from two directions,and thermal resistance sensor is adopted to measure temperature. The value of both directions could be shown such as single peak acceleration, kurtosis ,intensity ,temperature electric quantity of battery , etc.It is available to search history statue trend and learn working condition.

1.It possesses warning reminding function for realizing active protection and predictive maintenance.

2.It could extend constant working period and reduce time and cost of halt maintenance

3.The data wireless transfer technology is adopted, and solve the problem of spot wiring difficulty perfectly.

How we do it?

With the help of brother unit HOT, Alpha cooperate with coal preparation magnate Techgart to apply the IoT-Based Monitoring&Early Warning System to Shiyaodian coal preparation plant.From the early monitory point,to late installation of sensor terminal and epeater,installation and debugging of software, the wireless real time monitoring of equipment in Shiyaodian coal preparation plant has been put into could monitor the working state of key quipment while receiving data in real time,manage the key equipment intelligently.


This system focus on monitoring of wireless vibration and temperature of the main equipment’s key part in Shiyaodian coal preparation plant.the monitoring points are mainly located in main motor,reduction gearbox,drum,etc..the sensor are installed on driving side and non-driven side of each equipment to monitor working state of equipment comprehensively.sensor terminal receive the working data of equipment in real time,and transfer it back to monitor room, the monitoring manager could search for equipment’s working state con the remote control interface in real time, and look over historical state trend whenever,for preprocessing judgment.

This is a technology innovation doubtlessly, a step of intelligently equipment management in coal preparation plant, achieve more efficiency and economic management.jointed hands with HOT,Alpha provide one-stop service from determination of technical solution,to debugging on-line of IoT-Based Monitoring & Early Warning System.

1. early communicate the technical plan,exchange information,communicate with the site personnel,determine the location of monitoring point and construction plan.


2. Purchase material,then carry out the wiring construction,finish the arrangement of fiber optic,cable and etc.


3. Finish the matching of sensor and repeater in advance, install each monitoring points of sensor terminal and repeater.and finishing wiring of repeater and the wiring of whole plant.



4. Install the monitoring software, debug each monitoring point, and the software is going to  receive data.


5. The data exchange of software and field equipment is normal,operation the data transfer in real time,the debugging is last, the project is accepted after a period normally working.




Why we need it?

The key equipment of mine,ore treatment plant and coal preparation plant is in bad condition of instability,high power and over loading,which make the vibration and temperature of equipment anomaly ,machine working constantly.consequently,the bad accidence developed from early accidence happens sometime. For the purpose of eliminating the hidden trouble and avoid safety accident,it is urgent for modern industry to adopt trouble warning system and analysis technology embedded.this system could realize early trouble warning by reveal the development rule of the equipment operation state,and support the intelligent trouble self-cure,automatic protection control,conducting labor management to avoid trouble,particularly bad accidence.

Abroad,the expert and scholar of America,Japan and Canada carry out the research of wiring monitoring warning and trouble analysis,such as American Institute of Mechanical Accident Prevention,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Japanese Mile University,Canadian Lakehead University,American Entek Company,American Bently Nevada company,Japanese Mitsubishi Company,Swiss Vibreo-Me-ter Company. Lockheed Martin Company come up with new concept of Prognostics and Health Management PHM under the background of Joint Strike Fighter with the support of the Ministry of National Defense.

Some university and research institutes in China carry out technical breakthrough focusing on monitoring,diagnosis and warning of equipment healthy state, life prediction of key equipment and related informational and intellectualized technology.Over the years,National Science and Technology Major Project and Natural Science Foundation of China give strongly support for the research on related technology.In recent years,according to the requirement of enterprise modern management and modern maintenance,domestic enterprises carry out development of fault monitoring&early warning system and advanced maintenance mode,as well as engineering application and demonstration project.

Alpha continuously devote itself to the exploitation of mine intellectualized system.Under the background of international mine intelligentization,cooperated with HOT and Techgart,Alpha apply this system maturely to several kinds of key equipment in Shiyaodian coal preparation plant.

While reducing the workload of management ,it greatly increase the safety factor,reduce downtime and cost.This intellectualized warning system could apply to not only coal preparation plant ,but also large scale equipment of ore treatment plant,mine,etc..Alpha would also upgrade system constantly to enhance user experience after collecting data constantly and communicating with users during the system’s real time operation.

Alpha intelligence,create not only safety but also improving revenue and efficiency of mine company with intelligentazition service.

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