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Heavy Medium Vessel Bath

Model:QG series
Handling capacity:100~950t/h
Coal gangue discharging quantity:180~300t/h
Application range:Used for separation of coal and Coal gangue discharging

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 Heavy Medium Vessel Bath


  QG Series Scraper Heavy Medium Vessel Bath is the improved heavy medium vessel bath equipment 
after many years’research of our company combined with foreign advanced technology. 
It is used for separation of coal and Coal gangue discharging.

Structure feature
  QG Series Heavy Medium Vessel Bath is mainly composed of transmission part, coal gangue 
discharging part, groove, and medium entrance part. And the coal gangue discharging part is 
composed of sliding rail, chain, chain wheel, scraper, etc.  


动力部分:power section   排矸刮板:coal gangue discharging scraper 槽体:Groove  

上升介质入口:rising medium entrance  水平介质入口:Horizontal medium entrance

Separation principles
  QG Series Heavy Medium Vessel Bath uses the Archimedes principle to determine separation 
density according to the property of raw coal and user’s requirement for products, raw coal 
will be sorted in the suspension of specific density. The clean coal will float on the surface 
of suspension, discharged from overflow port, gangue will sink to the bottom of the groove 
and discharged from coal gangue discharging scraper to get two kinds of different products.     
Features of the equipment
  QG Series Scraper Heavy Medium Vessel Bath is used for coarse coal discharging of large coal 
preparation plant which can replace manual gangue separation. It is ideal coal separation equipment 
for ground and underground coal preparation plant.     
A. Adopts advanced particle image velocimetry technology to detect inner flow field of vessel bath, 
so the structure parameters can be optimized.
B. Its structure and processing parameters are designed according to granularity level of raw coal 
and characteristics of inner flow field. Only suitable structure parameters and process plan can 
ensure optimal separation condition.        
C. Handling capacity of the equipment: 100~950 t/h
D. The groove type of vessel bath decides handling capacity. The maximum handling capacity of our 
company’s equipment is 950t/h. Ten-Million-Ton level coal preparation plant can meet requirements 
with only one separation equipment.
E. Separating accuracy is high. It is applicable to the separation of difficult separation coal. 
In practice, the deviation of lump coal separation is around 0.03 on the average. Recovery efficiency is over 98%.
F. The effective separation time is short which minimizes secondary slime quantity. 
G. It has good applicability for coal quality fluctuations, simple adjustment of processing parameters 
can ensure the quality of products when raw coal quantity and quality changes.         
H. Separating particle size range: 300~600mm, separation density adjusting range: 1.3~1.9g/m3
I. Heavy-medium and electricity consumption of per ton is low, structure of the equipment is simple, 
operation and maintenance cost is low.
J. Critical components are independent production and cost-effective. 
K. Chain and chain wheel use wear-resistant alloy materials and special heat treatment process,service life is long. 
L. Slide rail adopts high chromium cast iron, service life is long, and reliability is high.      
M. The density of suspension can adjust automatically. The whole separation process adopts automatic control.
Typical process flow
  Lump coal of 1+13/25mm adopts heavy medium vessel bath, slack coal of 25/13~1.5/1mm adopts heavy medium cyclone.
  -1.5/1mm adopts combined technology of slime spiral vessel bath, teetered bed or grading cyclone.      
  2+13/25/50mm adopts heavy medium vessel bath, -13/25/50mm adopts shallow slot coal gangue discharging process.
Some Vessel Bath Model and Technical Parameters
Remark: There are some models of heavy medium vessel bath. Width of overflow weir can adjust 
according to clients’ requirement.  




Major parts
Chain: the pitch is 78.12mm, roller diameter is 31.75, it adopts high quality alloy material 
and special heat treatment process to make the chain has advantages of high strength, impact 
resistance and wears resistance through continuous improvement, service cycle is 5-7 months.
Chain wheel: separated type, convenient to dismantle and install, it can be divided into 18 teeth 
and 24 teeth according to different number of teeth. It adopts high quality alloy material and special 
heat treatment process to make the chain wheel has advantages of high strength, impact resistance 
and wears resistance through continuous improvement, service cycle is over 12 months. 
The surface of chain wheel is polished. Supply in pairs.   
Sliding rail: it adopts high chromium cast iron, service life is long, straight slide-way is 8-12 
months, bent slide-way is about 5-8 months.
Wear-resisting liner plate: adopting imported high hardness special steel, reliable and wear-resisting, 
service life is about 12 months.     
Scraper: It is made from steel plate of impact resistance and high toughness degree, and the optimized 
structural parameters increases the intensity of the scraper.